Integration Itineraries

The process of sociolaboral insertion is an itinerary with different phases of accomplishment, according to the characteristics or needs of the persons who go through it. Along this itinerary, employment advice, basic skills learning, occupational training, etc. is obtained; so people improve self-steem, while they develop personal and professional competence, etc. This itinerary is carried out using a suitable information, orientation and mentoring during the whole process, offering the necessary instruments to facilitate the tour that every person must do.
The sociolaboral integration is addressed to people in situation of social exclusion or in serious risk of being able to come to this situation, which they are unemployed or with special difficulties to get an ordinary job.
Detected needs are:
- Persons who receive a Minimal Insertion Benefit
- Immigrants
- Unemployed older than 45 years old
- Women with little or no skills, unemployed and with family responsibilities
- Long duration unemployed
- Younger than 25-year-old people, with little or no training, or unemployed.
- Working experience in jobs of low qualification
- Insufficient Social Benefits
- Dependence and drug addiction
- People that suffer from some slight disability
- People who live under pressure or family conflicts

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