Products of Mestral

In our stores you will find a wide variety of products, all of them responding to a new concept of purchase, because they are either reclaimed – second hand, or come from the fair trade or from the job done in social integration through work programme.


Electrical appliances

If you need a washing machine, a cooker, a fridge, a computer, a television set or any other electrical appliance, for sure you will find it in Mestral.


In Mestral you can find products of the Fair Trade like cookies, sugar, honey, nuts, chocolates, etc. By purchasing these products you can choose a more responsible way of consumption.



Tables, chairs, bookcases, sofas, beds, closets, house ornaments, pictures, etc. You can find in Mestral all these things, and much more. Even furniture of new manufacture from recycled wood.

You can check our catalog of new furnitures:

For more information, please call us at 971386279



In Mestral you can find all kinds of second hand clothing, for men/women, children, household, etc. For sure if you come to Mestral, you will find some interesting items.