Environmental awareness

Environmental awareness of the population is one of the main Action Programmes in Mestral.
Mestral takes part in Ciutadella Council�s programme �Obrim Portes� and the Consell Insular�s programme �Salut Jove�. Thanks to this, educational outings have been organised to visit the Mestral Workshops and the Ecopark in Ciutadella where emphasis is put on the importance of waste selection and the re-use of materials, as well as the characteristic Mestral environmental/social binomial.
Several environmental campaigns have been organised, for instance:
- To increase organic waste collection
- To promote compost use in municipal gardening
- To increase separated glass collection in bars and restaurants
- To promote the use of compost in the household
- To offer environmental advice to large waste producers
- To promote re-cycling and re-using
- To increase the collection of toners, and printer cartridges , fluorescents and mercury bulbs.
- To give information on waste generation problems to schools
- Knowledge of the ecological agriculture and the native varieties