Mestral in network

Mestral has regular contacts with other similar organizations in Spain, and it takes an active part in various networks of social economy, such as:
- AERESS (Association of initiatives in re-using, the so called solidarity economy.
- REAS (at a national and balearic level, network of Alternative and Solidarity Economy).
Mestral organised the AERESS Annual Assembly in 2004 in Ciutadella, Menorca.
At a Balearic level, Mestral keeps a close link with Fundació Deixalles, which has its headquarters in Palma de Mallorca, and branches in Sóller, Felanix, Llevant and Eivissa. Meetings are held regularly in order to know the different projects that are carried out by each organization, as well as to establish a common work plan and orientate the basic lines of common areas of work such as large volume waste and RAEEs, electric and electronic waste management.

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